SALLY RIDE - Trailer
Sally Ride is a 14 minute mood short film that was released on DUST by Gunpowder & Sky in 2022.
It’s idea base from the Series “Far From Home” written by Christoffer Borggren

“Far From Home” is a thrilling sci-fi drama series that follows Lucy, a member of the first successful colony on a distant planet, as she uncovers a shocking truth about their mission. When the lines of communication with Earth are deliberately cut, Lucy realizes they are being abandoned and left to die. In a race against time, Lucy risks everything to return to Earth to save her family and friends on the planet, only to face resistance from those who initiated the mission and who will stop at nothing to cover it up. The series explores themes of political intrigue, secrecy, and the consequences of technological advancement.

  Genre: Sci Fi  / Duration: 12 minutes / Director & Writer: Christoffer Borggren